Jira Anti-Patterns

Alienating your Jira admin

Scrum Master Does All The Issue Updates

Not updating your issues at least once/day

Overly sophisticated and restrictive workflows

Workflows with no waiting statuses

No distinction between the backlog and planned work

Implementing unnecessary approvals

Configuring Kanban or Scrum boards with Assignee based swim lanes

Using Jira as the primary conduit for communication

Burying required information in comments

Notification barrage

Categorizing with versions, epics, and/or sprints

  • DevOps
  • Support
  • Tech Debt

Tracking time unnecessarily

Trying to create the ultimate configuration on Day 1

Assuming Jira will solve process, structure, or cultural issues

Using Jira as Big Brother

Blanket rollout of plug-ins

Backlog hoarders

One size fits all approach

Orphaned objects

Having Jira driven by people who don’t use it



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