There is presently an exception that is being thrown in both the Lean Analytics Dashboard and the Lean Scrum Analytics Dashboard tools when any of the build dashboard options are executed:

Service Spreadsheets failed while accessing document with id…

The exception is due to an internal Google Error related to charts within Google Sheets. At the moment I do not have a work around for the error. I will continue to work to see if I can find a workaround until the problem is solved on Google’s end. The data generation in both applications still works properly so you can always create your own charts in the meantime.

I just published version 1.61 of the Enhanced Jira Query Tool. This version addresses two bugs:

Incorrect Cycle Flow Start Date

If your cycle statuses were different from your lead statuses then the Special: Cycle Flow Start Date was being calculated incorrectly. The date was using the lead statuses rather…

oAuth is a framework that allows applications and services to request and provide access to one another without requiring they exchange a user’s username and password(basic authentication). It is a more secure mechanism for authorizing API access because user credentials don’t need to be passed in the API call in…

Michael Boumansour

Enterprise Agile Software Development Chief Technology Officer @ V1 Sports

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